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Multiracial People, we are “Normal” Now.

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Kamala Harris, Barrier Destroyer

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris delivers remarks in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 7, 2020, after being declared the winners of the presidential election. (Photo by Andrew Harnik / POOL / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW HARNIK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Serverless Eventing: Google Native with PubSub

Serverless Eventing: Cloud Native Messaging with NATS Streaming Server

Navigating #BlackLivesMatter while Being Mixed Race

Courtesy of Clay Banks https://unsplash.com/@claybanks

DISCLAIMER: Everything I write here is based on my own personal experiences growing up in a predominantly white, far-right conservative, evangelical environment in Texas. I will be making comments about my experience that may make people uncomfortable but please respect my story and my experiences. It would also be a good time for a gut check… Continue reading Navigating #BlackLivesMatter while Being Mixed Race

An Open Letter to Managers of Black Employees

This year has indeed been a stressful one for many reasons. I empathize with anyone who has dealt with these issues. Many smarter people than myself have written about the pandemic, the election, Hong Kong, the economy, and everything else going on in the world. Right now, I want to take this opportunity to talk about something that really hits home for me.

Serverless Eventing: Why You Need an Eventing Bus!

When we are talking about Serverlesss Eventing, we are talking about more than products and technologies. We are talking about a platform and best practices. One thing that I have not been mentioning in my blog posts is the importance of an “Eventing Bus”. An “Eventing Bus” is a publisher-subscriber style communication system. Its primary… Continue reading Serverless Eventing: Why You Need an Eventing Bus!

Serverless Eventing: Modernizing Legacy Streaming with Kafka

Knative Eventing offers a variety of EventSources to use for building a serverless eventing platform. In my previous blog post I talk about SinkBinding and we use this concept to create an EventSource the pulls Twitter data.

Serverless Eventing: SinkBinding 101

You are writing an applicaiton where you are trying to analyze tweets in near-real time for a live TV broadcast. A tweet sent 5 hours ago serves you no purpose in this context. How would you do this? We need to create an application capable of collecting the events and sending them to be ingested,… Continue reading Serverless Eventing: SinkBinding 101

Serverless Eventing: What is it anyway?

Let’s take a step back and define “Serverless Eventing”. What is Serverless? It is no secret that I love serverless computing. As you know, we have discovered a way to transmit data through condensation. We actually beam data into nimbostratus clouds and that’s where the compute and storage takes place. You experience outages when the… Continue reading Serverless Eventing: What is it anyway?