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An Open Letter On Supporting Our Iranian Friends

Photo Courtesy of SF Chronicle

I don’t think that I am alone in saying that I am feeling a sort of “global fatigue”. I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling stressed out over the news with talks of inflation, viruses, and the such. However, there are issues that are affecting some of our friends out there. In the same way that… Continue reading An Open Letter On Supporting Our Iranian Friends

Cloud Alchemy – GitLab, more than just a SCM

So we are trying to transmute our old application platform into a cloud-native platform. We looked at Pulumi for standing up our infrastructure using our favorite programming language. However, where are we going to store the actual code for our application and infrastructure?

“Cloud Alchemy” – Pulumi, standing up infrastructure with actual code

Alright, it is time for me to migrate my on-prem application to the cloud. If we are using “alchemy” terms, we want to “transmute” the applications. Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean that my applications will just float in the aether. My applications will be on someone else’s infrastructure. This can be a pain…. but… Continue reading “Cloud Alchemy” – Pulumi, standing up infrastructure with actual code

No More Moments of Silence!

Photo by Jan Prokes on Pexels.com

It has only been 10 days. 10 days, 3 shootings, 32 lives lost (as of this writing), and many more lives and communities forever devastated. This feeling is becoming all too familiar and it should NOT be familiar. No one should have a speech ready to go whenever a tragedy like this occurs but it… Continue reading No More Moments of Silence!

“Cloud Alchemy”: A Series on Cloud Native Platforming

We are living in the age of Cloud Native. Seriously, read any tech blog or listen to any tech podcast and you won’t be able to escape terms like “Cloud Native”, “Kubernetes”, “Containerization”, “Canary”, “Service Mesh”, etc. Many of these terms can be found in the CNCF Glossary.

CloudSeed: Let’s make cloud apps easier

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Deploying web applications should be easy, like ridiculously easy. Why do I need to become an NGINX/Apache expert and a Linux Admin just to deploy an application? This has been the pain point for many developers and has left people looking for solutions.

An Open Letter on Supporting Our AAPI Friends

Photo by Katie Godowski from Pexels

Knative Joins the CNCF!

Serverless Eventing – Eventing Diagram

As I write more about about Serverless Eventing, some people has asked me what it actually looks like. Admittedly, I tend to be more verbal than visual as graphics have never been my strong suit. So in this post, I decided to create a diagram to attempt to explain not just WHAT Serverless Eventing is… Continue reading Serverless Eventing – Eventing Diagram

Serverlesss Eventing: Intro To Eventing At Google